Dakota Access Pipeline Permitting and Reclamation

Dakota Access Pipeline Permitting and Reclamation

Permitting and Planning: KC Harvey assisted with baseline studies and permitting support along the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) right-of-way in North Dakota and South Dakota in 2014.  We mapped vegetation community types within the survey corridor according to dominant species to allow for an analysis of special-status species habitat, migratory bird habitat, and reclamation planning as well as seed-acquisition for revegetation.  We reviewed typical topsoil depths within the survey corridor verified topsoil depths at representative locations in order to plan topsoil salvage methods and depths along the Project and alternatives.  We also completed a wetland and non-wetland Waters of the U.S. survey during the same survey effort. We provided on-going agency consultation and Project support in order to respond to Project questions regarding species habitat, noxious weeds, reclamation, and other items.

Environmental Field Services: During the summers of 2017, 2018 and 2019, KC Harvey planted over 140,000 trees and shrubs along the DAPL right-of-way in order to replace those that were removed for the pipeline construction.  Trees and shrubs were replaced at a 2:1 ratio, in accordance with an agreement with the North Dakota Public Service Commission (PSC).  After planting, KC Harvey watered the trees and shrubs and maintained them (mowing, fencing, etc.) to promote their survival.  KC Harvey conducted annual survival surveys and prepared monitoring reports required for the PSC.

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