Get To Know Us

Our team is built to be exceptionally capable of delivering a full suite of services, thereby streamlining the processes involved in a given project. We work closely with our clients, minimizing costs and logistics and maximizing efficiency and efficacy.

Our Foundational Qualities


Ability & Agility

Our team of evidence-driven professionals are committed to solving problems and finding paths forward. We enlist both "brains and brawn" from the get-go — bringing field expertise to define next steps, and an up-to-date fleet of equipment and skill to execute in a timely manner.


Insight & Specificity

We're adept at identifying site specific details. With an emphasis on applying our natural science expertise to understand the foundational truths of each project, we research and design targeted solutions that account for that landscape's particular ecological traits.


Care & Stewardship

We love the restorative outcomes of our work and its implications on the future, treating natural resources like land, water, soil, and air as valuable assets to be managed with reverence and integrity. We ensure our results are scientifically sound and future-focused, empowering our clients to reduce liability and be effective stewards of their resources.


Results & Reputation

Our track record speaks for itself, with decades of experience and numerous patents under our belt. We're rightfully proud of our intelligent permitting process and the results we've been able to achieve in satisfying clients and solving environmental challenges all through the West.

Our Ground Rules


Be Safe

There is always enough time to be safe; take the time. Stop the job if necessary. If you see something unsafe occurring and don’t do anything about it, you own it. Drive carefully and within the speed limit! Driving is the most dangerous thing we do.


Love Your Clients

Without them, we’re not in business. Worry about them. LISTEN to them. Talk with them. Spend time with them. Do your best to serve them.


Say "We," not "I"

It takes a team. We are a team. Watch each other’s back. Share the credit; you will be more successful for it.


Love Your Co-Workers

Same as with clients; without them, we’re not in business. They are the engine of our business. Care for them. Respect them. Help them grow and we will all grow.


Take Responsibility

Mistakes and bad things happen. When things go wrong be forthright, own it, make amends,
learn from the experience and move on.


Protect our Reputation

Tell the truth. Without truth there is no integrity. Without integrity there is no reputation worth having.


Spend Wisely

Treat the Company’s money and our client’s money like it was your own. Take care of our equipment like you owned it. That leaves more money for salaries and bonuses!


Keep Some Perspective

Don’t take yourself, or the firm, too seriously. Your family comes first. Take care of yourself. Take your vacation. Enjoy each other. Learn from each other. Have fun and laugh a lot.


Be Positive

As a team, we have a zero tolerance for chronic negativity and negative politicking. If you have a problem with the Company, talk to the boss; spreading negativity amongst your co-worker hurts them and the Company. Being positive is healthy.



Practice the “no surprises” rule. Most surprises in business are bad events. Surprises can be prevented by communication. Communication includes LISTENING to each other and our clients.

Our Leadership Team

David Cameron, BSc, PE
David Cameron, BSc, PE
Principal Emeritus
Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering
Rio Franzman, BS
Rio Franzman, BS
Chief Executive Officer
Russell Gifford
Russell Gifford
Director of Projects and Business Development
Ashlie Green, MPAc
Ashlie Green, MPAc
Director of Project Accounting
Kevin Harvey, MSc, CPSS
Kevin Harvey, MSc, CPSS
Founder & Senior Advisor
Soil, Water, and Reclamation Science
Travis Kimsey, BS, CERP
Travis Kimsey, BS, CERP
Director of Professional Field Services
David Marshall, MSC, P.G.
David Marshall, MSC, P.G.
Chief Project Director and Principal Scientist
Geology, Water Resources, and Land Reclamation
Kristopher Nielsen
Kristopher Nielsen
North Dakota Regional Operations Manager
Phil Bandy Ogden
Phil Bandy Ogden
Regional Manager
Jake Powell
Jake Powell
Principal Ecologist
David Steed
David Steed
Director of Mining Services
Brad Teson
Brad Teson
Director of Technology
Skip Vest
Skip Vest
Director, Oil & Gas Regulatory Services
Phyllis Wernikowski, CPA
Phyllis Wernikowski, CPA
Environmental Business Journal Award Logo

We are proud to announce we've been chosen as an EBJ Business Achievement Awards Winner for two years in a row.

We are honored to receive this environmental award, recognizing our commitment to sustainability and our efforts to minimize our impact on the environment. This award serves as validation for the hard work and dedication of our team to integrate environmental sustainability into our business operations.
we're committed to Safety

Our record of 0 recordable incidents in the last 7 years is a testament to our commitment to safety.

We strive to protect the environment with sustainable practices and provide the training, planning, medical monitoring programs and personal protective equipment necessary for safe operation. We work closely with our clients to understand their safety expectations and promote positive reinforcement of safe work practices.
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